20th November

willingly and object bitterly to it being shut down. Their work made a difference to countless numbers of students, some of whom have subsequently ended up serving on the committee as assessors of the next generation of researchers. The time the committee gave helped the students make the best of their efforts and, more than that, to develop intellectually.

Howard Becker has pointed out that humanities research is actually a relatively low cost affair. "The materials for recording, storing and analysing interviews and field notes are cheap. Qualitative researchers need money to pay for their time..." It takes time to chase leads, talk to people, write field notes, reflect on what's been witnessed, check sources and ultimately to write down what we've learned. Research also involves others not directly involved giving time to the project. In addition to the CRF expert panelists who lent intelligent eyes and ears to the applications, researchers rely on reviewers, supervisors and friends to point to what they cannot see or hear that might well be right in front of them. You cannot budget for this essential resource but without it the task of scholarship is impossible.


"No speech is speech if it is not heard"
Spivak, Gayatri. (2000)

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27 November